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In addition to the founding principal, James Steffens, and Lisa Hart, the current CEO, The JTS Association maintains an active affiliation with a team of practicing fire service professionals from throughout the country. It is important to note that this cadre of associates includes a wide range of fire service professionals with specialized experience in developing and conducting the range of services provided by The JTS Association.

Whenever The JTS Association is contemplating the undertaking a program or project, a team of associates is identified and selected in order to bring the essential educational and experiential backgrounds to bear on the proposed project / program.

A brief summary of the background and qualifications of several of these key individuals is provided for review. Upon request, the names and detailed resumes of any of the associates can be provided.

Mark Silverman
Senior Associate

He began his fire service career in 1989 as a volunteer for the Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department.  He was hired full time by the City of Cocoa as a Firefighter / EMT in 1991 where he currently serves as an Engine Company Lieutenant.  Mark holds an AS Degree in Fire Science Technology from Brevard Community College, a BA in Criminal Justice from C.W. Post University, and an MA in Management and Leadership from Webster University.  He holds a variety of state certifications including Instructor III, Fire Officer II, Firesafety Inspector and Paramedic.

Mark starting teaching at Brevard Community College's Fire Science program in 1997 and currently teaches recruits and special operations programs. He has been teaching marine firefighting since 1998 at the Port Canaveral Maritime Academy and has trained maritime professionals ranging from the Department of Defense to the cruise-line industry.

Mark joined the firm in 2008 and has participated in a variety of promotional assessments as a role player, operational scenario facilitator, and assessor.


He started his fire service career in 1983 as a volunteer for the Iona McGregor Fire District.  He was hired full time by Iona in 1985 and has risen through the ranks to Battalion Chief.  Barry currently holds a BAS Degree Public Safety Administration and a Masters in Arts and Administration Degree both from Edison State College in Ft Myers, Florida.  He holds a variety of state certifications from Florida including Fire Service Instructor III, Inspector, EMT, Incident Safety Officer and USAR Type 4 Operations level.  Barry has appeared in four videos for Working Fire from April 1997-1999, showcasing some intricate details for drafting water with a Fire Apparatus. He is considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) by his peers in a multitude of fire service topics.

Barry became affiliated with the organization is 2004 and has served in a variety of positions including facilitator, role player, and assessor.

Christine Santiago

Chris began her career in the fire service in 1984 as a Firefighter EMT in Brevard County, Florida.  While at the Brevard County Fire Department she held officer positions for Training, Fire Marshal, and Operations.  In 1996 Chris joined the reedy Creek Fire Department (Walt Disney World) as a Firefighter Paramedic. She subsequently was promoted to Lieutenant, Captain and currently holds the rank of Battalion Chief with Reedy Creek.

Chris holds two associate degrees (General and Fire Science) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Central Florida.  She is an Instructor 3 and is qualified to teach many of the Incident Command courses including 100 through 800.

Chris became affiliated with JTS in 2012 and has participated in a number of promotional assessments as a role player and an assessor.

Cindy Diven

Cindy began her fire service career in 1979 when she was hired by the City of Gainesville (FL) as a Firefighter / EMT.  She became a paramedic and was subsequently promoted to Driver Operator, Lieutenant, served as Training Officer for two years, and as an Acting District Chief over a 10 year period. 

During her career she was appointed for a two year term to the Florida Firefighter Standards and Advisory Council.  Cindy has held Smoke Diver, Municipal Fire Safety and Haz Mat Technician certifications and is currently a Registered Nurse.  Cindy holds an A.S. in EMS, an A.A. in Science and an A.S.N. in Nursing.

Cindy became affiliated with JTS in 2014 and has participated in a variety of promotional assessments as a role player, operational scenario facilitator, and assessor.


Cindy began her career in 1982 as a volunteer firefighter with the Longwood Department. Her commitment to a compassion for others, integrity, and a yearning for a challenge, led to her joining as a career firefighter with the Longwood Fire Rescue Department that is in Seminole County, Florida. What followed was a 32-year career with Longwood where, during her tenure she proceeded to hold the ranks of Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, and Battalion Chief. During this period, she also served as the union president for IAFF Local 3163 for several years.

Cindy obtained her Associates Degree in Emergency Medicine as a Paramedic as well as achieving her Fire Officer Certification. Since her retirement, Cindy continues her professional endeavors via participation as a Paramedic on a Federal Disaster Assistance Team. She has also taken an active role as a health care advocate for others.

She became affiliated with JTS in 2016 and has participated in a variety of promotional assessments as a role player and candidate shepherd. Cindy is also qualified as a certified assessor with the firm.

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